Shocking with Liquid Chlorine vs. Granular Chlorine Shock

liquid pool chlorineMost Pinch A Penny customers prefer shocking with liquid chlorine vs. granular chlorine shock. Here are some of the reasons – and remember, while you’re in the store picking up liquid chlorine, a Pinch A Penny Pool Care Expert can answer all your pool care questions!

  • Liquid Chlorine is Cleaner: With liquid chlorine, there is no granular powder to settle on the bottom of your pool and cloud your pool water.
  • Liquid Chlorine is Quicker: Liquid chlorine begins working instantly; granular chlorine shock must dissolve first.
  • Liquid Chlorine is Non-Scaling: Over time, granular chlorine shock can lead to excessively high calcium or stabilizer levels, which can cause scaling or pool stains. Liquid chlorine does not cause these problems.
  • Liquid Chlorine Costs Less: Liquid chlorine is up to 60-80% less costly than granular chlorine shock, because the chlorine strength of 2.5 gallons of liquid chlorine would require 4-7 lbs. of granular chlorine shock.

For more information about using liquid chlorine to shock your pool, visit your nearest Pinch A Penny pool supplies store!

Posted: Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 @ 2:08 pm
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