Pool Brush, 20" XL Wall Whale

Pool Brush, 20in. XL Wall Whale
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61910105 20" Wall Whale XL w/ Nylon Bristle Brushes

Wall Whale XL Pool Brush

  • Brush your entire pool in five minutes without the need to scrub the same area multiple times

  • Avoid possible injury from back and neck strain associated with the bending required with traditional pool brushes

  • Spend less time on pool maintenance and more time having fun in your pool!

The Wall Whale XL Pool Brush features the same tail that made the Wall Whale famous (the tail holds the brush against the pool wall with more than ten times the force of a traditional pool brush!), on top of an amazing new brush. The brush for the Wall Whale XL is 20" wide and boasts seven rows of giant UV-stabilized bristles. The brush is engineered to be stronger than metal-backed brushes and is made from no-break poly to ensure longevity.

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