Pool Pump, Hayward Super Pump VS 1.5 HP

Pool Pump, Hayward Super Pump VS 1.5 HP
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04453346 Super Pump VS Variable Speed Pump

 Hayward® Super Pump® VS  Variable Speed Pool Pump


Upgrade to Super Pump Variable Speed and save energy....and money!

The Hayward Super Pump Variable Speed is specifically engineered for the demanding requirements of today’s in ground swimming pool/spa that is equipped with large capacity filters, heaters, and pool cleaning equipment. The totally enclosed, permanent magnet motor combined with its advanced hydraulic design provides unparalleled energy savings. The Super Pump Variable Speed is a self-priming pump that incorporates an improved seal and impeller design that will provide many years of efficient, dependable, corrosion-free service. The advanced design provides superior performance while reducing maintenance requirements.

Designed for in ground pools and spas, the Super Pump Variable Speed takes efficiency to the next level with up to 80% energy cost savings over traditional single-speed pumps.

  • Exclusive, swing-away hand knobs that allows easy strainer cover removal without tools

  • 110 cubic-inch basket with extra leaf-holding capacity

  • See-through strainer cover to easily see when the basket requires cleaning

  • Self-priming capability with suction lift up to 10 feet above water level

  • Digital interface shows power consumption for immediate feedback to maximize energy savings

  • Advanced motor design with a permanent magnet, totally-enclosed fan cooled designed for incredible energy efficiency and reliability

  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

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