Solid Safety Cover, Blue Aquamaster

Solid Safety Cover, Blue Aquamaster
Item # Item Description Price Qty
12x24 Safety Cover Aqumster Solid Blue w/ Drain
14x28 Safety Cover Aquamaster Solid Blue w/ Drain
15x30 Safety Cover Aquamaster Solid Blue w/ Drain
16x32 Safety Cover Aqumstr Solid Blue w/Drain 10yr
18x36 Safety Cover Aquamaster Solid Blue w/ Drain
16x36 Safety Cover Aqmstr Solid Blue w/Drain 10yr
20x40 Safety Cover Aqmstr Solid Blue w/Drain 10yr

Solid Safety Cover with Drain Panel

Solid inground safety cover, no step

10-year warranty (2 years full)

This safety cover comes complete with weather- and corrosion-resistant anchoring system (stainless steel springs and brass deck anchors), installation tool, and storage bag. This safety cover ships within 48 hours of order receipt - guaranteed! Some restrictions apply.*

Note: Prices are for standard rectangular safety covers.  Standard safety covers will not accommodate slides or other obstructions within 18" of the pool's edge.  For help with sizing your safety cover, call 877-747-7946. For a no-obligation price quote on a custom safety cover, download our measuring form.

AquaMaster solid pool safety covers utilize revolutionary technology to offer superior strength, reliability, and longevity.  These safety covers offer streamlined performance and rugged construction; they are 50% lighter and up to 30% stronger than conventional solid safety covers!  This inground pool safety cover features 5' x 5' double strapping on the top and bottom throughout the entire length of the cover for exceptional strength and long life.  This lightweight, non-porous safety cover will keep your pool clean and block out most sunlight to prevent algae growth. 

AquaMaster solid safety covers for inground pools are constructed of material that features ArmorKote, an exclusive coating that contains an anti-abrasive additive.  The robust, long-lasting fabric of this safety cover will resist mold and mildew and make cleaning your pool in spring a snap!

Safety cover features:

  • Constructed with full reinforced webbing on top and bottom for full grid coverage, with 30% more strapping for greater strength.  Most brands do not offer full grid coverage and offer double webbing on the perimeter binding seams and rub strips only.   

  • Superior strength and durability, with all strap cross-sections and perimeter points featuring cross-stitched reinforcement utilizing UV-resistant polyester thread.

  • Triple stitching on all webbing offers extra reinforcement; 30% more stitching results in a much stronger safety cover.

  • Solid connections come from corrosion-resistant brass anchors used with stainless steel springs for secure, lasting installation.  These solid safety covers come with double springs; full-compression single spring strength is an industry-leading 649 pounds. 

  • Drain panel means no pumping in spring!

*For orders received by 11:00 am EST; orders received after 11:00 am will be processed the following business day. 48 hour shipping time excludes weekends and holidays. $100 is paid as a credit to the safety cover order.