Suncoast Pool Chemicals EZ Skim

Suncoast Pool Chemicals EZ Skim
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EZ Skim

A Specialty Pool Chemical by Suncoast Chemicals

EZ Skim eliminates small floating debris from pool surface water

EZ Skim's unique formula reduces the surface tension of pool water, allowing small floating debris and very tiny floating objects to drop to the bottom of the swimming pool for easy removal by vacuum or filtration.

EZ Skim Pool Chemical Directions for Use

Apply 10 oz. of EZ Skim per 10,000 gallons of pool water directly onto the suface of the pool while the pool pump is running.  If there is a heavy layer of debris on the surface of the pool water, a second treatment may be necessary. 

Note: Do not add EZ Skim Pool Chemical through a skimmer apparatus.  EZ Skim may cause minor foaming, which will later dissipate.